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Fig. 2. Mean frequencies of belching and retching in both case and control groups depending upon scope location (P < 0.01). Case, lidocaine spray on endoscope in addition to conventional pharyngeal anesthesia; Control, conventional pharyngeal anesthesia without additional anesthesia. Bi, belching during endoscopy of upper esophageal sphincter; Bei, belching during esophagus insertion; Bai, belching during antrum insertion; Bdi, belching during duodenal insertion; Bdw, belching during duodenal withdrawal; Baw, belching during antrum withdrawal; Bri, belching during retroversion and pulling; Brw, belching during retroversion pushing; Bfw, belching during fundus withdrawal; Bew, belching during esophageal withdrawal; Ri, retching during endoscopy of upper esophageal sphincter; Rei, retching during esophagus insertion; Rai, retching during antrum insertion; Rdi, retching during duodenal insertion; Rdw, retching during duodenal withdrawal; Raw, retching during antrum withdrawal; Rri, retching during retroversion and pulling; Rrw, retching during retroversion pushing; Rfw, retching during fundus withdrawal; Rew, retching during esophageal withdrawal.
Gastrointestinal Intervention 2016;5:67~71 https://doi.org/10.18528/gii150029
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