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Fig. 3. Image series illustrating lumen apposing metal stent (LAMS) deployment in a patient with symptomatic pseudocyst. (A) Computed tomography image showing the pseudocyst location adjacent to the lesser curvature of the stomach (arrow). (B) Endoscopically visible extrinsic compression by the pseudocyst. (C) Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) image of the pseudocyst showing a fluid collection with no debris (arrow). (D) EUS-guided puncture of the fluid collection with deployment of the distal end of LAMS (arrow). (E) Endoscopic view after LAMS placement. (F) Fluoroscopic image of the LAMS connecting the gastric lumen and the fluid collection for drainage (arrow).
Gastrointestinal Intervention 2017;6:25~31 https://doi.org/10.18528/gii170001
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