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Fig. 2. A 59-year-old male patient who developed a gastric outlet stricture following surgical management of traumatic lacerations in the liver and pancreas. The patient failed enteral feeding after blind bedside placement of nasogastric tube. (A) After turning the patient’s head to one side, the X-ray projection was rotated to the other side to offer a tangential view of the nasopharynx while a hydrophilic guide wire (arrow) was maneuvered into the esophagus. (B) A curved angiographic catheter (arrow) was used for directional guidance through the pyloric stricture. Water-soluble contrast media was used to trace the course from the pylorus to the duodenum (arrowhead). (C) Following successful passage of the guide wire into the jejunum (arrow), the feeding tube (arrowhead) was advanced over the pre-positioned guide wire in co-axial fashion. (D) The tip (arrow) of the feeding tube was placed in the proximal jejunum. Water-soluble contrast media was administered through the feeding tube to confirm its location.
Gastrointestinal Intervention 2017;6:135~139
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