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Fig. 3. Communicating arcade depicted during selective lipiodol-balloon-occluded transarterial chemoembolization (Lip-B-TACE). The targeted nodule (arrowhead; A) was attached to the right hepatic duct (arrow; A) on computed tomography. At first, Lip-B-TACE was done via anterior segment artery and lipiodol accumulation in the nodule was seen (white arrowhead; B). The balloon catheter was slightly withdrawn and balloon-occluded digital subtraction angiography (DSA) was performed (B). A small tumor feeding artery (white arrow; B) branching from the trunk of anterior segment artery and a communicating arcade (black arrow; B) between anterior segment and medial segment arteries (black arrowhead; B) were depicted. Immediately after DSA, lipiodol emulsion was forcefully injected to infuse into the small tumor feeder while regurgitating lipiodol into medial segment artery. Much volume of liver parenchyma, anterior, and medial segments, was affected by lipiodol.
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