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Fig. 2. Submucosal tunnel endoscopic resection for treatment of subepithelial tumors at the cardia of stomach. (A) Development of submucosal tunnel after mucosal incision over distal esophagus to approach subepithelial tumor at gastric cardia. (B) Identification of proximal margin of the subepithelial tumor within submucosal tunnel. (C) Dissection around the lateral border of the gastric subepithelial tumor using dual knife. (D) Further dissection at the inferior border of gastric subepithelial tumor over the adherent part at muscularis propria. (E) Endoscopic retrieval of the subepithelial tumor using net. (F) Complete closure of the mucosal incision at the esophageal side with endoclips.
Int J Gastrointest Interv 2020;9:42~52 https://doi.org/10.18528/ijgii200007
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