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Fig. 1. Cholangioscopic findings of bile duct cancer (BDC). (A) Papillary type of BDC. Cholangioscopy shows the presence of slightly papillary and mucosal nodularity in the intrahepatic bile duct. In this type of tumor, the mucosal lesion may be minute and detectable only via careful cholangioscopic examination of the entire biliary tree. (B) Nodular or polypoid type of BDC. A polypoid mass partially obstructs the lumen of the common hepatic duct. Mucosal irregularity and intense serpiginous neovascularization are clearly visible on the surface. (C) Sclerosing type of BDC. Cholangioscopy shows luminal narrowing with a whitish mucosal discoloration and neovascularization.
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