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Fig. 1. Spectral Doppler ultrasound and carbon dioxide (CO2) angiogram before and after gastroduodenal artery (GDA) embolization. (A) Spectral Doppler ultrasound shows no detectable flow in the MHA on postoperative day 7. (B) CO2 angiogram of the common hepatic artery shows a diminutive proper hepatic artery and GDA artery with mean diameter of 3.7 mm (range, 2.2–4.8 mm). The common hepatic artery was normal. (C) CO2 angiogram of common hepatic artery after GDA coil embolization. (D) Post-embolization spectral Doppler ultrasound showing normal velocities and arterial resistance index within MHA after GDA embolization. MHA, main hepatic artery.
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