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Table. 1.

Summary of the Reported and Our Case of Various Endoscopic Procedure for Appendiceal Bleeding

Reference Age (yr) Sex Treatment Recognition bleeding Endoscopic or histopathologic findings
Park et al4 44 Male Endoscopic clipping Y ?
Park et al4 34 Female Endoscopic clipping Y ?
Chung and Kim5 70 Male Endoscopic clipping Y ?
Konno et al6 71 Male Barium enema by endoscopy Y Ulcer (operation)
Yakubov et al7 89 Male Epinephrine injections and endoscopic clipping Y Ulcer (operation)
Song et al8 54 Male Appendiceal stent insertion and detachable snare wrapping Y ?
Rodrigues et al9 57 Male Endoscopic injection and hemostastic spray Y ?
Our case 65 Male Endoscopic clipping Y Erosion and exposed vessel (endoscopy)

Y, yes; ?, not described.

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