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Fig. 1. A new device for making ethiodized oil-anticancer drug emulsion and microscopic images of the water-in-oil emulsion. (A) Appearance of a V-shaped emulsification device with a glass membrane with small pores of 100 μm sandwiched in the center. (B) After agitation by pumping the syringe 20 times, an emulsion with an anthracycline water-soluble anticancer agent solved in a nonionic iodine contrast material and ethiodized oil is created as a uniform appearance. (C) Microscopic image of the emulsions produced, showing spherical water-in-oil emulsions of approximately 100 μm. Reused from the article of Tanaka et al (Eur Radiol. 2018;28:2203-7)34 with original copyright holder’s permission.
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