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Fig. 2. Intraoperative findings after lymph node dissection during robotic total gastrectomy. (A) After proper lymph node dissection around pancreas and spleen, structures including distal portion of splenic artery (yellow arrow) and peri-splenic area (red arrow) are observed. (B) After excising lymph nodes in the hepatoduodenal ligament with the wrist-like robot instrument, proper hepatic artery (red arrow) and portal vein (yellow arrow) are exposed. (C) Left gastric artery (yellow arrow) is isolated after clearing suprapancreatic lymph nodes. (D) Proximal half of splenic artery (yellow arrow) and vein (red arrow) are clearly seen after removing lymph node around vessels.
Int J Gastrointest Interv 2022;11:50~55 https://doi.org/10.18528/ijgii220014
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