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Table. 2.

A Summary of Optimal EUS-Guided Tissue Acquisition and Processing Methods

Needle shape Franseen, fork-tip, and Menghini-tip needles are all recommended.
Through-the-needle microforceps are promising for pancreatic cysts.
Needle gauge A 22-gauge needle is recommended considering its convenience and clinical evidence.
The 19-gauge needle seems to be in the spotlight again because more tissue is better for genetic profiling.
Tissue acquisition technique Rapid insertion and slow withdrawal of needle under negative suction, 15 times.
The fanning technique or torque technique.
Confirmation of adequacy of the obtained sample Macroscopic on-site evaluation to confirm histologic core.
Cytology preparation Liquid-based cytology (SurePath).
Ancillary test Addition of molecular profiling.

EUS, endoscopic ultrasound.

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