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Table. 1.

Summary of the Clinical Case through Three Admissions

Presentation and diagnostic facilities First admission Second admission Third admission
Gastroenteritis symptoms Yes, before hematochezia No No
CTA Hyperdense material in the rectum Active extravasation in the right lower quadrant Hyperdense material in the hypogastric small intestine
VCE - - An active bleeding polypoid lesion in the jejunum
Endoscopy Bi-directional with no bleeding focus Bi-directional with no bleeding focus Push enteroscopy without identifying bleeding focus
Angiography No active bleeding focus Active bleeding from a branch of the SMA Fluoroscopy-assisted with coils
Intervention Self-limited Coil embolization Laparoscopic surgery and IOE

CTA, computed tomographic angiography; VCE, video capsule endoscopy; SMA, superior mesenteric artery; IOE, intraoperative enteroscopy; -, not performed.

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