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Fig. 2. Dieulafoy lesion detected by intraoperative enteroscopy and its macroscopic and histopathologic analysis. (A) Intraoperative enteroscopy revealed an actively bleeding, protruding, polypoid lesion with a pulsatile vessel (arrow) arising from the mucosal surface of the jejunum. (B) The surgical specimen showed a well-demarcated protruding mass (arrow) measuring 1.8 cm × 1.0 cm × 1.0 cm in the jejunum. The cut surface was grayish-brown, with hemorrhagic changes. (C) A histological examination showed the presence of blood clots within the large, tortuous, caliber-persistent artery through the overlying normal-appearing surrounding mucosa.
Int J Gastrointest Interv 2022;11:135~138 https://doi.org/10.18528/ijgii220007
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