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Table. 2.

Literature Review of Case Reports about Jejunal Dieulafoy Lesions

Author Patient’s age (yr) and sex Pre-illness symptom Diagnosis method for DLs Therapeutic approach
Endoscopy A IOE
Goins et al14 36, Male Epigastric pain Mesenteric angiography Rigid proctosigmoidoscopy
Sai Prasad et al21 13, Male Dizziness VCE Not performed
Holleran et al16 67–76, Female Not described VCE, CT, and mesenteric angiography DBE
Seo et al22 25, Male Not described Coil and laparotomy EGD, colonoscopy, SBE
Kozan et al18 21, Female Not described IOE Not performed
Han et al15 54, Male No abdominal pain CT and mesenteric angiography Not described
Lee et al19 20, Female Not described Radionuclide scanning and angiography Not performed
Saada et al20 27, Male Abdominal pain Radionuclide scanning EGD, colonoscopy
Jaiswal et al17 21, Male Low abdominal discomfort IOE EGD, colonoscopy, push enteroscopy
Yehya et al23 19, Male Nausea, abdominal cramping Radionuclide scanning EGD, colonoscopy
Chao et al12 15, Male Epigastric pain, vomiting CTA EGD, colonoscopy
Dvorská et al13 26, Male Not described CTA EGD, colonoscopy

DL, Dieulafoy lesion; A, angiography; IOE, intraoperative enteroscopy; VCE, video capsule endoscopy; CT, computed tomography scan; CTA, computed tomographic angiography; DBE, double-balloon enteroscopy; EGD, esophagogastroduodenoscopy; SBE, single balloon enteroscopy.

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