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Fig. 2. (A, B) Granulocytic epithelial lesion. Duct epithelium is detached and lies in the lumen. There is dense inflammatory inflitration, including neutrophils (H&E, ×10). (C) Periductular inflammation in autoimmune pancreatitis (AIP). Dense inflammatory cell infiltration is present around a pancreatic duct. Pancreatic duct shows star-shaped deformation and luminal narrowing (H&E, ×10). (D) Periductal inflammation in AIP. Dense inflammatory cell infiltration is present around irregular pancreatic ducts showing luminal narrowing. Periductal inflammation extends into the surrounding parenchyma (H&E, ×10). (E) Storiform fibrosis in AIP. Storiform fibrosis is infiltrated by numerous lymphocytes (H&E, ×4). (F) Peripancreatitis. Chronic inflammatory cell infiltration and fibrosis extend into peripancreatic fat tissue (H&E, ×10).
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