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Fig. 3. Percutaneous transhepatic obliteration was successfully performed using a micro-balloon catheter and n-butyl cyanoacrylate (NBCA). (A) Under fluoroscopic guidance, selective venography was performed at the superior mesenteric vein and showed duodenal varix (arrows) with hepatofugal flow. (B) After successfully selecting the afferent vein of the duodenal varix, venography showed duodenal varix (arrow) with contrast media extravasation into the duodenum (arrowhead). (C) Micro-balloon catheter (arrow) was placed at the proximal portion of the afferent vein of the duodenal varix and inflated to occluded blood flow from the portal system. NBCA was injected into the duodenal varix slowly (arrowhead). (D) Single-shot image after the NBCA injection showed some glue was extravasated into the duodenal lumen, probable bleeding focus (arrow). (E) Post-embolization venography showed complete obliteration of duodenal varices without complications (arrow).
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