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Fig. 1. The 79-year-old male patient underwent anterior resection with left lateral sectionectomy of the liver for sigmoid colon cancer with liver metastasis. On postoperative day 11, he presented with melena with hemoglobin drop. (A) On conventional angiography, there was aneurysmal change (arrow) of the mid-colic artery near the splenic flexure. (B) On the computed tomography scan, there is a large hematoma seen in the lesser sac with a suspected aneurysm (arrow) in the mid-colic artery. (C) The distal and proximal portions were embolized with microcoils and glue (n-butyl cyanoacrylate, 1:2 mixture with lipiodol), respectively. And the final superior mesenteric artery angiogram shows complete isolation of the lesion.
Gastrointestinal Intervention 2016;5:22~26 https://doi.org/10.18528/gii150012
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